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Monday, January 9, 2012

an offer i couldn't refuse.

For all those who've begged for the story via email, facebook and twitter, here you go.  I'm not big on sharing major personal details, but this seems to be one of those situations where NOT telling the story lends itself to more questions than just biting the bullet!

Quite honestly, we've been talking about getting married since a few weeks into our relationship.  However, we've been through a lot in the last few years that prohibited the timing or funding supporting the idea of getting engaged.  Admittedly, I had grown impatient with our situation; living together for 2.5 years and sharing so much, it felt weird to not be on the official path to marriage.  Turning 30 this year, I had a little bit of a heart palpitation thinking about not being married or a mother.  Old-fashioned and unhip, I know... but I waited 27 years to find this man and I've waited even longer to be a mom!

I had always told J I hated two types of proposals: ones that take place in public and ones that take place on holidays (apologies to those who like those situations).  Over Thanksgiving, J and I discussed getting engaged within the next few months.  As I looked at the calendar in December, I noticed that two of my most hated proposal possibilities were on the horizon; we were attending a Chicago Blackhawks game mid-month and would then be visiting my family in Virginia for Christmas.

The Blackhawks game came and went without a proposal.  We exchanged our personal gifts to each other on December 21, a little different than in years past, so that we didn't have to transport extra stuff with us on the drive.  As we left for Virginia on December 22, I joking asked J if he had a ring with him for Christmas.  His poker face didn't reveal much, and I thought we might make it past the holiday without being engaged.  It was a melancholy feeling.  

On Christmas morning, I woke up and began cooking for our family dinner.  In the early afternoon, I showered and got dressed as Jeremy made Christmas phone calls to his family and friends.  As I finished getting ready, Jeremy approached me and pulled out a shiny silver box.  He opened it to reveal a gorgeous ring, put an arm around my waist and popped the question!  At first I was shocked-- the first word out of my mouth was "REALLY?!"  However, I caught myself and realized what was happening.  Without hesitation, I said yes and he put the ring on my finger.  We spent the rest of the day telling family and friends our news (my mom's reaction was priceless) and enjoying Christmas with my family.

It's been a little over two weeks since he asked, and things are in a holding pattern.  I'm thrilled to be engaged but very impatient.  As a big planner, I am frustrated that we are waiting on other details to fall into place before exploring wedding ideas ourselves.  It's hard to not at least have a date or location tied down-- I think once we get into making some headway on those decisions, things will really feel real.  That, and when we have to start spending money, of course...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

oh me, oh my.

Remember what I last wrote about things slowing down soon?

Well, there ain't no rest for the wicked.  I should have known better than to show my cards like that!

The last six weeks have been... crazmazing?  I just made that word up, because I don't have one that accurately describes life at the moment.

J is still unemployed, but I am so incredibly proud to announce that he was accepted into Columbia College Chicago just before the holidays.  It has been a longtime dream of his to work in the radio communications field, and he intends to pursue a degree in both production and talent at Columbia.  Right now, we are anxiously awaiting a financial aid package that will either make or break this dream for the time being!

I was very lucrative in my job search at the end of November and had a few great phone interviews.  Thus far, one of them has resulted in an on-campus visit that I am very excited about.  Next week, I will be traveling to North Carolina for a two day interview for a position that really matches my next desired career step.  I have also recently moved into a new position on my current campus that I'm very excited about, and I do love Chicago... it will really come down to gut instinct, I guess!

Of course, if I am fortunate enough to be offered the position in North Carolina, we will have some hard decisions ahead.  I am extremely supportive and encouraging of J's desire to further his education.  However, I also feel that the opportunity to move on in my career is something that can't be tossed aside flippantly.  There are other things to consider in the equation as well, such as finances, location and whatnot that weigh heavily in the decision.  I have a great/awful feeling though, that we will both get what we want (J =  a full ride, E = job offer) and someone will end up feeling like they might have missed out.

Further complicating matters, yet extremely exciting, is the fact that we're engaged!  J popped the question on Christmas Day (much to my chagrin... the story will get its own entry soon) and I, of course, said yes.  The funny thing is, things don't feel terribly different.  I mean, I now have this amazing ring on my finger to gaze at all day, but everything else is as wonderful as always.

have you ever seen something so pretty?

Don't get me wrong-- we are excited.  But, not excited in a Monica-from-Friends-I-have-my-entire-wedding-already-planned way.  In actuality, I have found that I have very little desire to plan a wedding.  It seems like so much work and so much money for something to please other people.  What would please me most is being married, not having a party.  I've bought a little more time on the wedding planning at the moment, however, until we figure out where we'll be in the next few months.  It doesn't make much sense to start planning something that might have to change due to moving or a class schedule.  Hopefully in the next month or so, all that will settle out and we can start planning... but really, anyone who finds wedding planning fun or thrilling, hit me up.  Your energy is welcome and appreciated!

With that, 2011 has passed and 2012 is here.  2011 in its entirety was crazmazing, now that I think about it.  We traveled abroad, celebrated big birthdays and anniversaries, dealt with being a one-income family and got engaged!  There was a lot of stress, but a lot of good in there as well.  I hope 2012 brings more positives and I'm committed to doing my best wherever I land and being appreciative for what I have and those around me.

What are you committed to in 2012?