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Thursday, August 11, 2011

time management.

It's funny that summer is my easiest season at work, but busiest personally.  I think it's a little silly that I haven't updated this blog in nearly two months-- my time management skills are not at their peak in the summer when I actually have time to breathe at work and enjoy myself at home!

It's been a good summer, overall.  I am over the moon with how productive we've been at work-- the amount of things we've accomplished is staggering.  However, it makes me a little apprehensive for the semester to begin.  The days of quiet focus fly out the window in exchange for deafening chaos.  I've been in this field for almost 10 years now, and it still takes some adjustment every August!

We've been super busy at home as well.  Jeremy's football schedule rules the roost once games start in June-- every Saturday is all but devoted to the love of the game.  We sleep in, eat lunch by 1pm so J has enough time to digest before playing, and he's off to the field by 330.  I hang out at home or run errands and head to the game by 7, and by the time it's all over and we've grabbed (hopefully a celebratory) dinner, it's 11pm!  This season, the Lions are doing pretty well.  Hopefully their momentum will carry them to a playoff season again, just as in previous years.

Beyond football, we've spent a lot of time with friends.  There's a lot going on all around-- new babies, big moves, birthdays and more!  The next baby to arrive, however, is the most exciting for me.  Ellen and Andy's little boy will be here within the next three weeks!  I can't wait to meet little man.  As sad as it was for Ellen to leave at the beginning of July, I am so grateful for technology that allows me to text/call/IM her every day.

I was able to go home for a week in mid-July.  Time just flew by, as I had scheduled myself pretty much down to the minute before I even landed in Virginia.  I spent time with my favorite little boy, my parents and sister, traveled to Richmond and Charlottesville to catch up with great friends and even squeezed in a mini-trip to the Outer Banks (one of my favorite places on earth).  It was much-needed away time, but also... enlightening.  As I get older and my parents age, I do miss my family.  However, it was a big lesson to learn that my parents might not necessarily realize that I have aged as they have-- it's hard to be treated like a child when you're 30!

I'll lay this lengthy review to rest for tonight with a(nother) promise to update more often again.  I suppose now that busy time is setting in at work, my blogging skills will revive as well?